Just been to see Return To The Forbidden Planet at the Queens Theatre. It was amazing.

Quick note, this article does contain one or two spoilers

Our night started with us finding our seats and suddenly a man in a uniform came and spoke to us, with a hairdryer strapped to his side accusing us of smuggling contraband (ie Mars Bars). I pointed out and complemented his hair dryer and he exclaimed, this is the xk ray gun. He was shocked, as the lady behind me produced her miniature hairdryer

This is the amazing acting and musical talents that I’ve come expect from The Queen’s Theater. I’ve often expressed my love for them on the twitter feed and once again they did not disappoint 

The regular members I recognized where on top form:
Natasha Moore was brilliant as love interest Miranda and as always her singing voice was spot on.

Simon Jessop showed his wonderful sense of humor as Bosun, his facial expressions were on the mark

Greg Last was a little under-utilized as the Navigation Officer but his singing was brilliant and he showed his skill on the keyboard and Theremin, often electing to use his head to play it rather then his hands

There were a few people I did not recognize but I was assured by my wife they had preformed at the Queens Theater before:

Sean Needham was great, playing the ignorance and arrogance of Captain Tempest

James Earl Adair was fantastic as Dr Prospero and some of his singing performances were the funniest and best part of the night

Mark Newnham’s guitar solo was fantastic as was his whole performance as Cookie

But it was Fredrick Ruth’s performance as the Robot Arial that stole the show. I’ve got no clue how he stood up on those roller-skates as he was throne across the stage and walked up and down stairs. 

Once again it was a brilliant night and I look forward to our next trip to the Queens