Both Queen’s Theatre and Brookside Theatre have had to close amongst hundreds of other theatres, due to the coronavirus. This possibility be for some time

This leaves the stages at both theatres rather empty and the lighting and sound equipment unused. Brookside has been thinking about possibly staging some ‘virtual’ performances to lighten spirits in the community and ultimately boost moral.

Statement from Brookside:

While we couldn’t afford to pay – heaven knows, with ticket sales being our only source of income, we may never be able to open our doors again! – we could certainly get some drinks and pizza in and at least, in a small way, carry on offering entertainment and light relief at a time when people need cheering up the most.

Maybe you already have an act, solo or otherwise, that you think could be suitable – even if scaled down – or maybe a few performers want to get together and stage a small concert, play/radio reading etc. If you’re interested and/or have some ideas, please let me know 🙂

Would love to hear from you and stay safe and well – please share if you know any performers / acts that may be interested. LET’S DO WHAT WE DO BEST AND CARRY ON ENTERTAINING THE COMMUNITY! xxx

Do you have any ideas for performances for Brookside Theatre? Contact them and you can arrange for virtual performances