Interview with Pat the Cow star of this year’s Panto at The Queen’s Theatre

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It’s almost the time in the year for the Christmas Panto at The Queen’s Theatre and this year we will be following Jack and Jill up the Beanstalk to meet a big scary giant.

We were lucky enough to catch up with ‘Pat the Cow’ from the show and ask her a few questions:

So how did you get involved in this year’s panto at the Queen’s Theatre, did you know Jack before the show?

Jack is totally my best friend, so when they said he had to come and hang out in Hornchurch, I said I had to be his wing-man. Wing-cow. Then I heard that they’d pay me in turnips, so it was a done deal.

How did you feel when Jack and his family sold you?

Like all my turnips had gone rotten. Like my milk had curdled. Udderly gutted. He better buy me back, I want to be back for Christmas dinner. Roast Turnips!

Before you met Jack, did you consider an occupation in other industries, I hear that at least one cow has been over the moon?

Well they say the moon is made of cheese, so a cow must have been there! To be honest, I think I should run for local cowncil….or maybe become an accowntant? I did study cow-culus.

Is it difficult being a cow in the modern world, are you treated differently?

Well now veganism is on the rise, there are definitely fewer giants trying to eat me…they’re all about the tofu, which is fine by moo!

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I’m a big fan of doing nothing. Feet up, huge bowl of turnip-corn, and a moo-vie. My favourites are Seven Brides for Seven Udders, Bridget Jones’ Dairy and, of course, Raging Bull.

Do you have any tips for avoiding giants in our own daily life?

Well, giants hate laughter, so you definitely shouldn’t watch the panto, you’ll be giggling so much you won’t see him coming. He hates me, cos I’m hilarious. So just be funny and dead entertaining, and he’ll have to avoid you.

What are your plans after the play? Do you have any parts in any future Moo-vies?

Actually I’m training for a huge role in a new Moosical – a bovine hip-hop adaptation of the classic film Apocalypse Cow. Dustin Hoofman and Leonardo di-Cowprio are in it, I’m so excited!

Lastly, why should we come and see Jack and the Beanstalk at the Queen’s Theatre?

Cos although I’m neither Jack nor the Beanstalk, I’m definitely the most talented and brilliant thing in it! I suppose the others are pretty special too. But don’t tell them I said that, I have a rep-moo-tation to uphold. All joking aside, come and see us at the Queen’s Theatre – all of my friends are dead funny, and play all their instruments like rock stars – we’ll make you laugh, cry and boogie!

Jack and the Beanstalk is at The Queen’s Theatre between the 28th November 2018 and 6th January 2019. The panto at The Queen’s Theatre always tends to be something special so get down there to see this year’s hit

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