Bugsy Malone comes to The Queen’s Theatre

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Set in 1920s prohibition-era New York, where two rival gangs are fighting for turf, the story follows smooth city slicker Bugsy Malone. Bugsy falls for a would-be singer, Blousey Brown, who ultimately dreams of making it big in Hollywood. The musical showcases a world of speakeasies, glamorous club singers and deception, and even a revolutionary new weapon which both gangs are keen to get their hands on to try and eliminate the opposition. Throw in a potential championship boxer and an army of “down and outs” and you have a musical with grown up themes, this time around performed by a grown up cast.

Bugsy Malone has traditionally only ever been performed by children, but SOS will now have the opportunity to bring out the more mature aspects of the show without taking away the fun and humour that comes with Alan Parker’s tremendous parody of the film noir genre.

Director David Pridige says: “It will be an exciting and fun challenge to portray these characters with their more adult traits. From the brash Fat Sam, who owns the Grand Slam Speakeasy and is constantly surrounded by his gang of mobsters; to the sultry and sexy Tallulah, who is the Grand Slam’s main draw; to the elegant and sophisticated Dandy Dan (who this time around will be Dandy Danielle, with her own equally elegant female gang), there’s a character for everyone to root for.”

There are of course certain aspects of the show that will remain unchanged: Splurge guns and custard pies will be our weapons of choice, echoing the silent movie era, and all this will be set against the brilliant and familiar songs of Paul Williams. This is a classic gangster tale with proper feel-good factor, and SOS can’t wait to get started!

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