Dick Whittington is appearing at The Queen’s Theatre from the 30th November and we were lucky enough to get an interview with his cat Tommy.

How many of your 9 lives have you used up?

I’m only just out of kittenhood so I hope no more than two or three! It’s safe and warm at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch so I don’t see that changing much this panto season!

Thom Stanbury wanted to know if you prefer Catnip or dogfish?

Mr Thom is a big cheese here at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch so I suspect he is, rather kindly, asking so he can stock my dressing room! I would like both please, as long as the dogfish comes with chips and miaow-onnaise.

Is there a Mrs Panto Cat?

Miaow! I’m much too young for one little she cat to get her claws into me, but there are several pretty-whiskered Miss Kitties to climb trees with in London town!

Have you had all your vaccinations?

Yes, I am as healthy as a cat can be! Dick does everything he can to make sure I am happy and that includes my annual check-up! I love the fun and games we have when he tries to get me in my carrier to take me to the vet.

What’s your favourite food?

I love the interval in the panto when I can PAWS for a break and have some M-ice cream!

Where is the strangest place you’ve had a nap?

Well, here’s a funny TAIL, I had a little lunchtime nap in Queens Theatre Hornchurch last week and the next thing I knew, the audience were arriving for the evening show and I was asleep on their seats! They made me jump so I climbed up the curtains and hid!

How did you meet Dick Whittington?

My lovely owner Dick adopted me from an animal rescue in Hornchurch when I was a mere abandoned kitten and I thank him in purrs every day.

Have you ever been outsmarted by a mouse?

No. Mice are not smart!

Who would win in a race between you, King Rat and Betsey the Cow?

Unless I am catnapping, it’ll be a close run thing between me and King Rat – Betsey isn’t much of an athlete – but I think I would win!

Rats today – how do they compare to when you first arrived in London?

As you will see in the panto, those rotten rats are now using sophisticated electronic equipment and harder to outwit, but they’ve not beat me so far…….

Did you see the TV show earlier this year called ‘The Secret Life of Cats’? How does the life of those cats compare with your own?

My life, as a superstar cat, is much more glamor-PUSS – it’s whirlwind of bright lights, big cities, photo calls and paPURRazzi. You wouldn’t see me with a tracker device on my collar I can assure you! Although, I am microchipped because Dick wants to make sure I am safe if I get lost and can’t find my way home.

Do you think it would have been better if they had paved Hornchurch’s streets in gold?

It’s an opportunity missed to make the town PURRfect in my humble, furry opinion.

You have a twitter account at @QueensPantoCat. What is your favourite part of tweeting?

I love the attention – it’s great when tweeters and furpals mention me and I can read all their MEWS! I’m trying to answer everyone who asks me a question or says something aMEWSing so please #followthepantocat!

How long do you spend in makeup before the show?

Not as much as the Sarah the Cook that’s for sure! To be honest, with me, it’s an easy job for the make-up team as it is difficult to improve on PURRfection after I’ve spent all day grooming. But I’m in there for ages…..I think they just enjoy stroking me!

Why should people reading this come and see you perform at The Queens Theatre between the 30th November and the 11th January?

Because it’s a purrfect mewsical adventure for all the family and the Cat’s Whiskers!