Tickets for the first tranche of Pay What You Can night at Brentwood Theatre on Weds the 23rd of December, 7pm have all-but gone – so the theatre are are releasing another 30 by adding another night!!!!

Tuesday 22 December 7pm


We are really pleased to announce that this year that we can offer those who are finding the purse strings that little bit tighter than usual a unique opportunity to join us at a hugely reduced cost.

The newspapers are full of stories about economic matters and how that is hitting many families.  In Brentwood, we are lucky, many people still have a disposable income that allows them to come to visit us at Christmas.

But we also know that many cannot, even though we work hard (and we have many volunteers working for nothing to keep down our costs) the ticket price is still out of reach.

This year, a whole host of people have donated including The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, our international friends of our Patron Stephen Moyer, Handelsbank, Bex’s Christmas Fair and, of course, Jackson’s headshave.

So, on Wednesday 23 December the 7pm show is designated ‘Pay What You Can’. That means tickets are given away, NOT totally free but whatever people can genuinely afford.  For some that might be just a pound, others might stretch to a fiver.  Whatever, all we ask is pay what you can.

Whenever we launch this each year, it is a  truly humbling experience with families coming in to sort out their visit.  It is probably best if people drop in, they can then pay cash (saving card fees for us and them) and take away their tickets there and then!

Our volunteers are in our Box Office Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm and for enquiries and all other bookings, they are on 01277 200305.

Please pass this on to any people who you think might be feeling the pinch. We are currently limited to fifty subsidised tickets, we expect them to go very fast indeed.

For more information take a look at the Brentwood Theatre newsletter