The Autumn production for Guildonian Players at The Little Theatre will reflect the commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War. It is a little known play called Angels of War, written by Muriel Box, who went on to become a film director.

Angels of War is set in France in the months leading up to and following the armistice. It introduces us to the lives of the WAACs – Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps – notably those who drove the ambulances transporting the wounded from the front. Most actually had to provide their own uniforms and met hardship and even tragedy daily, but they learned independence, and even coped with “the old cow” – their Commandant!

14-17 Nov at 8pm plus 2.30pm Saturday matinee
Tickets £8 on the door, and can be reserved by calling 01708 782118

Please join us as we remember ‘the war to end all wars’.