The Santus Circus returns to Dagenham

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We always attend the Santus Circus when it comes to the area, this time they have returned to The Central Park in Dagenham, only about 16mins drive from Hornchurch and 20min using public transport (via the District Line).

Santus Circus have been touring in the UK for well over 25 years. The circus is run by the Santus Family whom have originated from the south of France where they have been doing Circus inside and outside the sawdust ring for 5 generations now.

Each time they visit they always bring something new with them, last time it was the world famous ‘Wheel of Death!’ from Hungary, this time it was my favourite part of the night, the long awaited return of the award winning Family Rodriguez with their Flying Trapeze.

The same family had a separate act with 2 people balancing holding a pole with another person balancing on a chair between them!

The whole show was breathtaking and both I and my daughters had a fun packed evening.

The Santus Circus is in Dagenham until this Sunday (16th June).

RM10 7EU


Fri 14th: 5pm and 7:30pm
Sat 15th: 2pm and 5pm
Sun 16th: 3pm ONLY

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