The Fatling and Firkin release an open letter to Hornchurch ahead of the next England game

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The Fatling and Firkin Pub have released a letter to people in Hornchurch on their Facebook page.

The road was blocked when drinkers flooded the street after England won 2 – 0 to Sweden on Saturday



Dear Hornchurch,

We love this town.
We have served this town for centuries.

We love being the go-to place for the best atmosphere on the high street. In fact we pride ourselves on it.

Tomorrow England play their first Semi Final at a World Cup in 28 years; a feat many of our customers have never seen before.

What an achievement. How exciting. And we can’t wait.


Last Saturday saw some terrible behaviour by Brits in celebration of our Victory over Sweden. Not just in Hornchurch…but all over the UK. As far up as Middlesborough.

Some of the scenes were the following:

– Ambulances were smashed in.
– High Streets were blocked.
– Bottles were thrown and seriously injured adults and children.
– Swedish Flags were burnt
– Furniture Stores were trashed.

We would urge, very strongly, that everyone who watches the game tomorrow does so and enjoys themselves.

But also thinks of others when they do.

Some people don’t care about football.
Don’t stop them from being able to get to work, Hospital or their daily business. If they stopped you from watching the match, I am sure you would have something to say about it.

So treat your neighbour with the same respect.

Some people want to watch the match in a nice atmosphere; without feeling intimidated.

Respect our staff – they have worked tirelessly over the last 5 matches for your enjoyment, and not managed to watch the football themselves – many of who that love the game, and support teams just like you. But they know they have to be professional, they have a job to deliver and will do their best as they do this.

In scorching heat. In an old building.

We have done everything we can to help deal with the behaviour of others and keep our guests safe. But we can only go so far. If people want to behave appallingly we cannot stop them. We cannot do anything to stop this from happening other than hope that they have read this letter and think twice before acting.

When we look at the players in Russia, who are representing this nation with:


we think it’s only fitting that in celebration of the football:


The people of Hornchurch reflect the player’s great efforts on the pitch by enjoying yourselves responsibly.

Let’s love the game we love.

Let’s show how brilliant we can be.

On the pitch.
And in society.


The Staff @ The Fatling Pub and up and down the country.

PS: #itscominghome

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3 thoughts on “The Fatling and Firkin release an open letter to Hornchurch ahead of the next England game

  1. Janet hannon

    Yes act like gentleman no need for silliness x

  2. Roma Henry

    I went to this pub when it was serving beer when we actually won the World Cup! In those days we were as happy as anyone could be. Apart from anything else, the goal scorers lived nearby! The good old days at The Bull, Hornchurch. Many happy memories of the pub, the town and the 1966 World Cup. Not one ambulance was trashed!

  3. Pat

    Well said! Let’s hope this letter gets to as many fans as possible, and hopefully they will be celebrating but in a considerate manner.

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