​David Apps is today a renowned photographer and successful artist who moved to Brentwood in 1978 – later moved to London’s East End in 2000 and eventually moved to the vibrant costal city of Brighton in 2014 where he lives today. 

David’s last year at school was spent in the art class under the supervision of his wonderful art teacher Miss Roberts, at Heady Water School in Brentwood. Being an academic none achiever and not attending school or lessens, other than art was to be a blessing to David in the years ahead. And if it weren’t for Miss Roberts taking David under her wing and giving him time, when every other teacher throughout his life has pushed him aside labeling him a troublemaker, David would not have found his Art path in life. David has always said: I never felt that I fitted in anywhere, and it was first music and later art that saved David and helped make him a successful artist he is today. 

David was a punk at a time when punk was new to the world and there weren’t that many punks about, especially in Brentwood. This was to change over the coming years to the point were today you can pretty much get a job in a bank with red, pink or green hair. But back in the late 70’s and early 80’s being a punk was dangerous, everyone wanted to hit you and beat you up (for no reason other than you were different) Brentwood at the time was a very interesting place, a place that over the coming years saw punks and bickers live together under the same roof of the local and amazing pub called the Castle. The Castle and Brentwood was a place people travel miles to come to and be apart of. It was here that David not only work prompting live bands but was the drummer is two Brentwood based bands: “The Beat of the Beast” and “ Spunky”. 

Brentwood is a very different place in 2016. The alternative has been taken over by the reality TV so called stars of today. But from the late 70’s onwards Brentwood played a massive part in influencing David’s mind and eventually his artwork, and this is why David wanted to stage an exhibition in is old hometown. From 2012 David has staged six exhibitions a year, from London, Newcastle, Cambridge, Brighton and Berlin David has never shown his artwork in Brentwood until now. 

David’s first job after leaving school was working at Weald Park. During the interview for the job it was pointed out that at least he was going to fit in with the surroundings, because at the time David had green hair. Moving forward 36 years and David is staging his debut hometown exhibition in the very same building he was interviewed in thanks to Helen Bruce, Weald Park activities and events organiser.

“Wealderness” david apps ART exhibition

Friday 2nd to Thursday 29th September 2016

Meet The Artist – david apps will be at the exhibition on Saturday 3rd September

Visitor Centre, Weald Country Park, Weald Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5QS.