Celebrate the great side of local young people at this free concert by coming to the Trinity United Reformed Church on Saturday 9th December Starting at 7.30pm. Enjoy a mixture of songs including a chance to sing along with a few songs and all for a great cause.

Gambia Hornchurch International Scout Project, also known as GHISP, has been working with young people for over 8 years to help them develop their social, physical and spiritual selves.

In Scouting we believe that we should do our best and do our duty. What started as an international trip has grown into a friendship that has affected both the UK Scouters and the Upper River Region Community and Scouters in The Gambia.

We aspire to help our friends to improve their quality of life by helping them achieve simple things like electricity to their communities, running water, toilets and much more.

We want to help ours friends towards a better quality of life.

If you want more details contact us at ghispinfo@gmail.com or you can reserve a seat for free to guarantee a space at http://www.ghisp.org.uk/upcoming-events/ghispmas-concert-reserve-a-seat/


If you like the evening, then please donate a little something to help the youngsters raise money for the bore hole for the Scouts in the Gambia.

For more information visit ghisp.org.uk

Article thanks from Upminster & Cranham Residents Association website