Liane Ryan takes fantastic photo of St Andrews Church using light trails

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Liane Ryan is a photographer based in Upminster in Essex with a love of taking photos, on her website she says:

I love photographs. I always have. I think they are absolutely priceless, they tell our history in pictures and to most people they mean an awful lot.

One of her latest interests has been in light trails; Light trails are basically a long exposure shots that take place around moving sources of light, causing a long trails of lights. She was practicing this in front of St Andrews Church

She did say:

I did feel a bit daft standing on my own with my camera on a tripod while groups of people were going out for the night!

But I hope that you agree with me that the result of standing around with a tripod is completely stunning:



Liane Ryan is available to hire to take photos, you can find her website at

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