Ian Moore releases painting of Towers Cinema

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Ian Moore had previously painted, amongst other things, what he calls mock travel posters of Hornchurch. These have all been sold, together with their prints, by Optimum Fine Arts in Station Lane, Hornchurch.


The person who bought one of the originals recently asked Ian if he could paint a picture of the Towers for her, Ian said:

She specified that it should be shown as a cinema but the rest was left to me and I decided that Art Deco colours would be most suitable. I put out a shout on Twitter for any old photos of it as a cinema and Tony Benton came to the rescue.


Since placing the picture in the shop window Micky at Optimum says she has never had such a response to a painting before and we agreed that prints should be made this was immediately arranged are now available from her. I am happy to produce more originals but each would be different in colour choice to make each one unique.

The prints are still available at Optimum Fine Arts near Hornchurch Station:



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