In 2012 Mike Jones released his latest DVD titled ‘Undiscovered Hornchurch’ as the follow up to his previous DVD ‘Undiscovered Upminster’. 

As with Undiscovered Upminster, Undiscovered Hornchurch covered a wide range of Hornchurch and and it’s history, even going as far back to the actual formation of the landscape of Hornchurch in the last ice age.

Some amazing events are included such as the Jimmy Woods holdup of the royal mail coach, the use of Grey Towers for a military purpose, the formation of Emerson park, the selection of Hornchurch for the use as an airfield and of course the well known story of Sargent Saunders Draper crashing his plane rather then hit what is now known as Saunders Draper School

As well as focusing on some of the sites you are probably aware of, St Andrews Church, the White Hart, it covers some buildings we have now lost such as Hornchurch brewery, Hornchurch post mill and Hornchurch Hall. It also take a look inside Tower theatre, that is due to be demolished.

When Mike Jones released this movie he had learnt a lot from his previous project and the sound and video quality has increased dramatically, as has the content. Using historical footage and sound clips as well as that shot but Mike Jones himself.

I really enjoyed this DVD and hope this is not the last of the Mike Jones Undiscovered series

You can purchase ‘Undiscovered Hornchurch’ and ‘Undiscovered Upminster’ for £13.99 each or purchase both of them for £25.