Death Walks, the zombie horror filmed in The Mall in Romford has arrived on Vimeo and will soon arrive on Amazon Prime in February 

Death Walks is a zero budget horror film directed by Spencer Hawken, Three years in the making and was primarily filmed in The Mall, Romford. 

The film stars Jessie Williams, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, and Francesca Ciardi and centres on a group of people trying to survive inside a shopping center that is under attack by the dead. Death Walks is Ciardi’s first horror film since her role as Faye Daniels in the 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust and her first film role in over 20 years, her last film being 1991’s Safari

It’s now available on Vimeo. Other avenues including Amazon Prime begin in February.

—Update 18/01/2017—

Death Walks is now available on Amazon Prime: