In the summer holidays of 2012, I met Tommy Balaam at a children’s party. He was the entertainer – Captain Fantastic. I was so impressed with him that I got his details and since then we have become friends.

Tommy is an accomplished actor, entertainer, comedian, singer and musician. His company Captain Fantastic specialises in children’s parties, he also has CF Discos which are for older children and also adults.

Over the years, I have booked Tommy time and time again, I also got a play booked at my children’s local school “Captain Fantastic and the Chocolate Planet”, and I took my son to Little Stars a couple of times.

Tommy has a number of Captains and has also introduced new characters such as Pirate Pete, Pirate Polly and Princess Aria. I am also friends with Ricky and Lisa who have main roles in the company and are great Captains.

I can’t recommend CF Parties enough, my children and all their friends always enjoy Captain Fantastic, the Captains are fun and friendly and drum up audience participation getting right on the children’s level. Entertainment includes; magic, balloon animals, puppet show, disco, bubbles, games, foam and a theme tune.

These parties are ideal for a hired hall or even the back garden!

1) OUR MAIN TWO HOUR CAPTAIN PARTYOur popular 2 hour Captain party includes a magic show, balloon modelling, puppets, singing, dancing, parachute games, Punch and Judy show, a tea break and an interactive disco including bubbles, snow, talent show, musical quiz, Captain Fantastic theme tune, classic games and much more.

2)PREMIUM CAPTAIN PARTYWe also have the premium Captain show from our award-winning entertainer Tommy Balaam. This show includes a snow animator, levitation trick, animatronic puppet and a superb lighting rig and large LED backdrop.

Join Pirate Pete or Pirate Polly on their adventure, transforming the children from cabin boys and girls to professional pirates. This party includes magic, puppets, games, activities and balloon modelling. The children will meet Jolly Roger, walk the plank, hunt for treasure and try to avoid the curse of the black spot! Lots of treats and surprises along the way.

Hosted by Princess Aria, the children become part of her magical fairy tale adventure. This party includes magic, puppets, games, activities, singing and dancing. Together the children help Princess Aria as she races to get to the ball. With the help of Freddie the frog the children must pass the obstacles such as the wicked witch and the field of sleepy flowers to live happily ever after!

On weekends main time slots are between 11-1, 3-5, 4-6pm and evenings.

Tel: 020 8245 9019


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