Carol Cannavan is a resident in Hornchurch who previously worked as a trade press editor in the plumbing and heating indistry. Previous publish works include short stories in a woman’s magazine and an book released on amazon called ‘A Career in Plumbing’  

Her latest book, ‘Secret Hornchurch’, focuses on the town she lives in. It goes deep into the history of Hornchurch and the surrounding areas, with fascinating stories about the buildings and people who surround the area. 

I thought I knew all about Hornchurch and I was then surprised when I heard some of the history; Including how Meat and Milk used to be central to trade in Havering and facts such as Hornchurch has the largest number of surviving turret Tett turrets in England. 

Truth is that I’m not someone who often reads but this book had me whizzing through and refusing to stop as I discovered more, and I was taken back by all the photos of the town’s history 

If you want to fascinate yourself with the entertaining story of the area then I’d highly recommend you read ‘Secret Hornchurch’, the book that aims to uncover all the secrets of our area 

‘Secret Hornchurch’ will be available from all retailers on the 15th February