Charlotte Ward is a local girl from Essex who recently released a book called ‘Once a Year: A story of love, heartbreak and dangerous consequences’.

After she released it the book it shot to Number 3 in the Amazon Hot New Releases and number 2 in the ‘Teen & Young Adult Girls & Women Fiction eBooks’

We spoke to Ward about the book

I am a local girl from Essex and published this book on Amazon. Within the first few days it has shot to number 2 on Amazon’s hot new releases for teens & young adults and I feel there is a growing market for this genre

What inspired you to write a book?

I actually started writing the material as a diary, when I was going through a difficult time. From there it developed into a book as I wanted to share and support other people going through the same.

Have you written before?

This is my first book and I am part way through the second, I have always enjoyed writing from a young age.

Description taken from amazon

Delphine is sassy, fierce, and loyal to her friends. She goes on holiday ‘once a year’ to a beautiful Greek island where she meets Nikos a handsome and witty Greek boy. Each year, the chemistry between them is intense and intoxicating, full of promise and passion.

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