2015 Hornchurch Passion Play – Giddy Up Donkey

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For 20 years the passion play has been preformed on Green outside The Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch and thousands of people come to see the show each year.

There were record-breaking crowds at the last Hornchurch Easter play in 2011, with over 4,000 people coming to witness Jesus’ dramatic last days on earth, and the Director (Kevin Walsh) and all the cast hope that this year will build on the last play’s success.

We were lucky enough to attend the first read through of the play this year and meet Simon who is returning to the stage as Jesus.


Kevin Walsh said that the most common question they get asked is how they preform the crucifixion, as it really looks like they hammer nails through Simon’ hands. But this is a closely guarded secret

The show were will be appearing on Good Friday (3rd April), 4th April and Easter Sunday (5th April), at around 7.30pm. You can find it on our events page here

We will be posting regular updates about the passion play but to keep up to date with the passion play you can also go to their website, twitter Facebook

We are looking forward to seeing the performance that is constructed by a large co-operation of the multiple churches of Hornchurch and will keep you posted on what is happening

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