No Reasons (Movie) by Spencer Hawken and Lucinda Rhodes.

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No Reasons is a movie that was recently filmed in Havering and Brentwood and was created by the same people as Deathwalks. We will soon have interviews with members of the cast and here is the latest press release:

No Reasons (Movie) by Spencer Hawken and Lucinda Rhodes.

No Reasons is the story of a missing girl and the family left behind. Over the course of 18 months the story follows Paul (Marc Bannerman) and Sally (Lucinda Rhodes) Bryant, as they struggle to come to terms with her disappearance. No Reasons plays out like an old fashioned whodunit, there are clues, mysteries, revelations, and shocking secret that everyone wants to keep.

No Reasons also stars Lorraine Stanley (who currently is shooting Suffragette with Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter) as Simone a woman so terrifying she puts Glen Close’s performance in Fatal Attraction to shame. Vicki Michelle an actress known to millions for three decades thanks to her role in Allo Allo. Roland Manookian star of The Business, The Football Factory, and Goodbye Charlie Bright. Anna Karen best known for her performance as Olive from 70’s smash hit comedy On The Buses. Stuart Manning of popular teen soap Hollyoaks. Dexter Koh runner up of of 2013’s Big Brother. Jessie Williams children’s TV icon with successful shows The Dumping Ground and Tracy Beaker returns already under her wing for several years at the age of just 15. Jazz Lintott star of BBC3’s The Real Hustle, and the controversial thriller Airbourne. And last but no means least Daniel Peacock (Quadrophenia, Only Fools And Horses) as the bungling private investigator Maurice.

What makes No Reasons so unique is it’s story, it covers a number of touchy and taboo areas not yet covered by British cinema. Compared already by industry players as a combination of Kitchen Sink drama meets A Serbian Film and The Human Centipede, and compared in controversial ranking by industry head Steven Woolley as on a par to Ken Russell’s The Devils. It is also with a budget of just £25,000 one if the lowest budget British movies ever to be made with such an enormous cast of familiar faces. Director/writer/producer Spencer Hawken promises there has never been a British movie quite like this, and that is why so many known performers lowered their fee to be part of the action.

A Kickstarter has been launched to help boost the budget for much needed special effects:-

The film was shot in Havering and Brentwood, Essex with hundreds of people volunteering for roles, and to help put the film together. Big locations such as Romford’s The Brickyard gave their venue to the films producers for use in the film. Other locations included Big Cars, The Havering Well, Brentwood Police Station, and dozens of private residences.

90% of the movie is complete! with the aforementioned special effects scenes being all that remains to shoot.

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