RSPCA looking for person who shot geese with slingshot in Belhus park, South Ockenden

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South Essex Wildlife Hospital recently received a frantic call for help came in from a ranger at Belhus park South Ockenden,  one of there amazing volunteers was quickly on scene to try and help save a family of geese that had been shot with a catapult.


One adult and one gosling were already dead. The other adult and youngster were still alive but on examination at the hospital could not be saved, the adult had a severe head injury and the gosling had a fractured spine.


It was youngsters that were seen to be responsible for this consistent with the fact their choice of ammunition was glass marbles ! The police were informed and everyone involved with this incident was extremely distressed. . .

SOMEONE MUST HAVE SEEN OR KNOW WHO DID THIS . . if you have any information please contact local police . . .
please don’t buy your child a catapult if you can’t trust them to use it wisely 🙁

Pleases like and support South Essex wildlife hospitals Facebook page they do a amazing job in wildlife rescue
RIP poor family . .

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